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   What breeds of cats do you know? The cats are bred in a number of varieties. There are furry and hairless, flat faces and long faced cats. But there are curly cats !!! Believe it or not, but there are cats which look like a sheep. Not exactly like a sheep but cats whose coat looks like dressed lambskin. These cats are called Cornish Rex.

   The first Cornish Rex cat was born in count of Cornwall, England, in 1950 as a result of natural mutation. Fortunately, its owner, who ran a rabbit’s farm, understood the importance of this fact. She started to work on selection of this breed. Some time later she managed to strengthen the main quality of the breed – curly hair.

  Cornish Rex
Cornish Rex

   Cornish Rex is a graceful, elegant cat with almond like eyes, high – set ears and long well – shaped legs.

   Nobody can be indifferent stroking this really royal cat. As a matter of a fact, all other cats have soft down hair and hard awn hair, but Cornish Rex cats don’t have awn hair and as a result touching their coat give you a pleasant sense of touching silk.

   But the absence of the awn hair has some other advantages. These cats never cast their coats. You’ll never see flocks of wool on your furniture, carpets or on your clothes. But the main advantage of this breed is that people suffering from an allergy to wool don’t fell it contacting with these cats.

   Cornish Rex are very communicative animals which love you company very much. When you leave home they miss you greatly, but when you return home you’ll be me with joy. Their love and devotedness to their owners often compared with those of dogs.

   This is a real royal cat which brings a lot of love and happiness to your house, this is the cat which can become you true friend.

  Cornish Rex
 Cornish Rex
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